March 14, 2007

Felix Says

Felix says -- bumper stickers are back because people are angry. Dunno if that's true but I am seeing plenty more bumpers covered with stickers the longer the Iraq war continues. If the Dems don't get a handle on how to end it, the sticker-ing will start to cover entire cars in my area. Felix feels that we should start by continuing to support the troops with food and armor and whatever else they need but start pulling them back to the borders. Meanwhile, we need to cut the budget for the president, vice president and any other cabinet members to fly on these lame duck term junkets. South America -- please. Give me a break. Negotiating? Hah. Felix and I both feel the best defense to keep from looking terminally stupid to the rest of the world is to seriously think about giving Texas back to the Mexicans. Just a modest proposal.

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