March 17, 2007

Drug Ads -- Just Say No to Profiting from Fear

Modern snake oil salesmen flog new wonder drugs. If you believe the tv ads, you can cure impotence, cure rheumatoid arthritis, cure cancer by injecting young women (over a series of three shots) with an unproven drug from the manufacturer of Vioxx. Remember Vioxx? The pain killer with a killer reputation? I have myofascial syndrome which is extremely painful. For a long time my doctors kept throwing pill samples at me in an effort to help the pain and to get me out of their waiting rooms. People who have chronic pain make doctors nervous, bored and ultimately annoyed. They even threw Vioxx my way in an effort to get rid of both of us. I was lucky. The pills didn't work in my case. I had bad reactions to each and everyone of them. I still hurt but am dealing with it with over the counter tylenol, exedrin and writing. When I see ads that sell pills by making people scared I get mad because not everyone is sick but these ads will make them think these pills will work. All they have to do is convince a doctor they are sick enough. But I say to profit off fear is wrong.

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