March 11, 2007

Dresden Files and Karma

The Dresden Files on the Sci-Fi Channel rocks. The show is about a wizard (not a kid-style Harry Potter type wizard either -- a full grown wizard living with the consequences of his choices in life). Harry Dresden is a complex character. The show's theme tonight was about limitations and choices that we get in life. One of the lines that struck me was "We all make mistakes. It's what we do next that matters." There are no coincidences that this phrase was in the show. My sensei today was talking about karma. We are our actions. Our actions define our karma. Our choices make our path. If I choose to see the world negatively then negative forces are attracted to me. If I choose to think positively then positive forces are attracted to me. Some people use feng sui. Some people use prayer. Others meditation. Still others use whatever else helps get them through the day. I use a combination of all of the above. From cats to magic to rescue to writing to reading about trigger points to working on trigger points to lessen the pain I get. It is all grist for the mill of life. The bottom line is to act. Act instead of think. Thinking just fools me into believing I am doing something. Actually doing something creates the results I thought I could get thinking. Twisted logic....

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