March 8, 2007

Boots and Animal Rescue

Rescue I think therefore I am (Voltaire). I live therefore I rescue (sky). And I think of Boots who was turned in by his owner to a local shelter. I love this shelter. The people there care a lot about all their animals and they called us at Maine Coon Rescue to help out. I was closest to the shelter so I went over there Wednesday evening and "pulled" Boots from harms' way.
There is no high bigger than saving someone and even higher than that (for me) is saving an animal who never asked to be put into harms' way. Innocents. And I couldn't have done the rescue if I hadn't had a small village who backed me up. We passed Boots from one car to the next. Fairfax to Pennsylvania in one evening full of icy road conditions and snow. Did I say I was an adrenalin junkie as well? If not, I should have.
Now Boots is with his foster family who have their hands full because the little mite is not well and I want so much for him to be well. If wishes were fishes we'd all eat well. Be well, Boots. Be well, Fosters. Be Well, All.

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