March 30, 2007

Aging and Myofascial Syndrome

Weak knees! I hate them. They belong in romance novels where the hero sweeps the fainting heroine off her feet. I wish. I walk and start to crumble. In reading a book on trigger point therapy for myofascial syndrome, this weakness occurs with entrapment of nerves. No more sitting seiza for me. Sigh. I like sitting seiza.

I have sat in seiza all my life. When I would embroider, when I would watch tv, when I work with shy animals who need humans on the ground. But now in addition to dealing with orphan syndromes like myofascial which seems tough for physicians to diagnose and the insurance covered physical therapists to know how to treat, I need to learn how to change my habits.

So what else is new? Change is constant, it is just the way I need to adapt. Adaptability -- lack or inability killed the dinosaurs. Will it kill me if I don't flow with the changes of aging? Absolutely. Aging and resentments about it are useless however. Coping skills like marking when to take that pesky osteoporosis pill are more useful.

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