April 6, 2011

Things Learned

Civil War...photography comes of age as does embalming.  Chemistry.  Mass produced deaths from guns, artillery, disease, starvation brought military hospitals where doctors and medical arts improved if only to keep up with the carnage.  Clara Barton started the first of the Red Cross which is now world wide.  One of the first sanitation officers who went on to design New York's Central Park began his career as administrator in the Civil War.  This was an extremely important position (never before thought about) which became the basis for the trash haulers and sanitation officers of today.

Here is a snippet from Wikipedia:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frederick_Law_Olmsted

Civil War

Olmsted took leave as director of Central Park to work as Executive Secretary of the U.S. Sanitary Commission, a precursor to the Red Cross in Washington, D.C.. He tended to the wounded during the American Civil War. In 1862, during Union General George B. McClellan's Peninsula Campaign, Olmsted headed the medical effort for the sick and wounded at White House in New Kent County, where there was a ship landing on the Pamunkey River.
On the home front, Olmsted was one of the six founding members of the Union League Club of New York.

When we are very, very wise and very, very lucky, adversity can teach us.

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