April 8, 2011

Civil War

The Civil War started on April 12, 1861 so this year marks the sesquisentennial--150 years ago.  The war ended at April 9, the two commanders met at Appomattox Courthouse where the two commanders, Grant and Lee met on April 9th.  Tomorrow is April 9th and the Civil War continues.  True, no one is publicly sold as slaves in the open market places of the United States.  True, races together can eat, play and live.  But are principles of fairness, equity and opportunity open to all or is that just an illusion?

I would argue that the terms have shifted.  Instead of slaves in physical terms, today we speak of 'wage slaves,' or the monetary losses of the 'middle class.'  Tonight I watch C-Span and watch Senator Harry Reid work for saving womens' lives in trying to deny Republican ideologues in their attempt to deny funding for Planned Parenthood and Title 10 and other riders that are too numerous to mention.  I am proud of the Democrats in defying these despicable politicians.

The Civil War continues.

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