March 15, 2011

New Uses for Old Things

My cats and the Friends of Homeless Animals cats have taught me that nothing is waste.  They play with milk bottle caps and the stips of plastic that secure them.  They curl up in litter boxes and in feeding bowls.  The more scared of the cats curl up in litter boxes and literally guard their own turf.  But even my cats at home reuse litter boxes are places to curl up into.  Especially my big cat who is either a Norwegian Forest Cat or a Maine Coon Cat who is too big for most laps.  He loves curling into the box. 

More things that can be recycled include old sweaters.  Take them apart at the seams and then wind the wool up into a ball for a later project.  This is also a lot of fun to do with the cats who want to play with the string jerking along on the floor. 

Hand Juicers can be used to squish whole canned beets to use in salads as well as draining tuna fish for terrific sandwiches and additions to salads. 

Doublesided tape can be used for those pesky art projects that are too expensive to frame if you are unhandy like I am when it comes to wood working.  Talk to me about embroidery and art projects or word work and I can hold my own.  My eyes glaze however when you talk with me about squares and saws and mitre boxes.  And don't even try to talk with me about clamping a frame shut while it is being glued.  I go into complete brain freeze just typing this.

Old tennis balls are great back rubs if you live alone.  Just put them on the floor and lie on top of them wriggling to get the sore places where they to be to get relief. 

More to come as I go through the scraps I have around here.

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