March 15, 2011

Is it Just Me?

What news agencies are forgetting....Japan is such a small country that what affects one part pretty much affects the whole nation.  Tokyo is only 150  miles away from the Fukushima nuclear plants.  Williamsburg, Virginia is about 150 miles away from Metro DC.  No space to run if something happens like this kind of event.  This is not like Hiroshima.  These are plants built close together on the coast that for whatever reason (tsunami or earthquake) are now at emergency levels that brave plant workers are working to fix.  Such an intense time.  My heart goes out to all who suffer there, who survived but lost everyone and everything, who face situations beyond comprehension.

I am a child of the first generation to grow up after WWII. I grew up near one of the nuclear research facilities in Northern Ohio. We were all very aware of the dangers so the nuclear drills of hiding in hallways and under desks, of listening to the loud booms of jetliners and dropping to the floor, are familiar to me. What was not spelled out at the time was the afterlife issue of radioactivity. That fact didn’t come out until much later.

What worries me about the Fukushima Plants in Japan is that the evacuation zone is so small. That research facility in Ohio? I lived maybe 15 miles away from it and we all knew it would be too close if something dreadful happened. If I were living in Japan right now, even Tokyo (150 miles away) would be too close. Perhaps I am too much a child of my generation to see anything but destruction in nuclear power. I don’t know and cannot judge at this distance how the Japanese government is doing. I do know that the alarmists in California are just that...alarmists. If they were so committed to being scared then why on earth weren’t they up in arms when the state next to them, Nevada, was used for testing? Why weren’t they protesting then? Was it because our own government told us that these air tests were perfectly safe? Ouch! That is exactly what happened. And I fear that is what is happening in Japan today and am sad to see them duped like we were.  

May all beings know peace --
Remember them all in your prayers, folks

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