September 11, 2009

Aftermath--the Collapse of Civility

Holy God, I am watching 102 minutes of 9/11.  Raw feed and really powerful.  It brings back all the feelings again.  The loss of trust, of innocence,  of the belief that everything would always be ok.  It took the hijackers years to realize but the fall of the towers finally brought down the financial center it targeted on 9/11 in 2008-2009.  We are told that what caused the financial collapse was housing or reckless lending practices.  I don’t believe so.  I believe that the loss of faith in the nation caused by 9/11 made people look out for themselves more and the rest of society less.  9/11 fed the native greed of the Street because, at the end of the day, only one can live. This attitude caused a trickle down effect.  From Wall Street to Main Street, from corporations moving their operations off shore so they didn't have to be US tax or health care costs for their employees.  It did it through health insurance and drug companies charging extraordinary prices for needed drugs and treatments.  It did it through companies refusing to pay a living wage to their workers.  It did it through the erosion of trust in public organizations--the Red Cross scams to the government agencies telling people that the air quality was just fine to breathe.  Air filled with toxic debris and the atomized remains of the people who were in the Towers and the government says it is fine to breathe the air.  First responders dying of aerosol related diseases and they are told they cannot be dying of injuries from helping out at the World Trade Center.  It is truly despicable for lies like this to be told.  New Yorkers were told it was fine to breathe even as the windows in their buildings were washed several times to remove the crushed bone and blood sprayed by the cloud storm that came from the Twin Towers.  The government failed to help those affected, both the bystanders and the first responders, in New York, DC and Pennsylvania.  It took Bush the better part of a week to arrive in New York City and DC is not that far away.  9/11  was just prelude to the massive failure of the feds in New Orleans--trailers filled with toxic chemicals to trying to keep the blacks from returning to their homes in New Orleans.  And again, it took Bush a full week to arrive down in New Orleans.  Now in 2009 we see the collapse of civility in the halls of Congress during a President address.   Rep. Wilson who yelled “liar” needs more than just a slap on the wrist. Unbelievable.  No President has ever been yelled at in the chambers of Congress.  Never.  Representative Joe Wilson never truly apologized, never said he spoke out of turn, ever.  His actions were shameful.  But the true beginning to Rep. Wilson's incivility stems directly back to the collapse of the Towers, the collapse of trust in the government and the collapse of the economy.  9/11 was the just the beginning.

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