September 16, 2009


Furthermore, as the resident paranormal type person in my family which readers of this blog know, I get dreams when something important is going to happen. Stubborn dreams that come back often depending on what is going to happen.   Before my mother-in-law died earlier this year, I dreamed of her best friend, Ethel, waiting for her.  With my dad, I dreamed a few months back of my cousin, Bud, waiting for him.  That was why I went out to Ohio this August.  Tough trip for a number of reasons but I was glad to make it because I knew the dream meant something was going to happen before the year was out.  And as it happens, the night before my dad's stint failure, I couldn't sleep.  I remained awake from midnight to 5 in the morning.  Why?  I don't know.  I kept thinking something was going to happen and was wide awake throughout the next day.  I was puzzled by it but figured I would find out what was going on.  I got a call from my sister yesterday evening to let me know what had happened and then things made sense.  Tonight I learned that without Eva arguing with the ambulance driver and forcing them to take my dad to the right hospital, he would have died.  Tonight I learned that things happen the way that they happen ... bashert.  Meant to be.  Truly remarkable.

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