October 28, 2008

Oh, Good Grief

This falls under my general "Oh, good grief" category....

My daily grind card from iVillage.com is one I am seeing over and over this year. Death comes to my attention often in readings -- whether Tarot or other ways. I am challenged by it. Forced against my nature to confront endings and accept them.

Here, for instance, is today's reading below (which I have copied in full from the iVillage email). And I note, that while Death is a tough card, the reading is good and scarily accurate.

The Personal Accountability Card position:

Suggests inner strengths, challenges, traits, or personal goals that may affect perception or results of current stage or level of mastery. The Death in this position suggests that you may be feeling helpless in the face of major change, perhaps in your position or career. Everything you thought you knew or understood may have come crumbling down at your feet, and you must now find a way to accept and release your attachment so that you can move forward. You may feel fear, anguish, or great loss at this time, but the sun will rise again, and so shall you.

In general, the Death is quite powerful, but it almost never refers to actual physical death. At its most basic level, Death is the letting go of the old to make way for the new. This is not always a pleasant experience, as you may be forced to accept the conclusion of one state in order to move on, or transition to another. It is time to get back to basics and become ready to re-emerge as the Phoenix. To do so will enable you to become more fully who you are meant to be, either as an individual, as part of a whole nation under one flag, or even through a whole new world view. Death suggests that you accept certain changes as inevitable. Mourn if you feel so moved, but believe that new Life comes on the heels of Death. It is nothing personal, it just is.

Current Developments:

The Current Developments position offers insight into present agenda, major themes or milestones, or other important circumstances, as well as suggestions for anticipated results.
The Three of Cups (reversed) in this position suggests that you may be experiencing the initial "fruits of your harvest." Perhaps working together as a team you have been able to accomplish a milestone on the road to success, and you are now celebrating, rejoicing, or sharing your happiness with others. There may be a party, reception, or other festivity, or social gathering in the making. In addition, you may be feeling a sense of camaraderie, patriotism, or some such team spirit that facilitates encouragement, support, and sharing. You are definitely not alone, but standing together with a common goal. For some, this could also mean initiation or acceptance into a sorority, fraternity, company, or other like-minded organization, group, or society. You are being reminded, however, to lighten up a bit, and trust in the good things in life.

In general, the Three of Cups represents Abundance or Resolution, and it can generally be taken as a "Yes" to your question. This card can also represent profit, cancellation, hedonism, an emotional or impractical agreement, a reunion, a ceremony, spiritual awakening, or the price to pay for too much of a good thing. The Three of Cups can also be seen or experienced in the more contemporary expression of exuberance otherwise known as a spontaneous group hug, or "high five."

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