April 13, 2008

The Word of the Day for Me

The Word of the Day for Me is Lagniappe...added extra--a bakers' dozen. That added goodwill gift of a merchant to a customer. It is a word that connotes hospitality without the burden of responsibility of ownership. As I often say in regard to puppies for sale, 'if you don't make the customer pay enough for a puppy, they won't respect it or treat it well.' It is just a fact of life. We don't value what we don't work for. That extra child in a family. That extra piece of candy you eat because it is offered to you. Although, candy sticks around longer than the extra dog who drains the family or the child the parents had unexpectedly. That classic children's' story, Hansel & Gretel, reflects the trend in the Little Ice Age where the extra children were put into the forest (exposed) to die so the family could live on the straitened resources of the era. And it is no surprise that there was a gingerbread house and witch in the forest either given the human need to find a culprit for the disastrous weather. These days we have illegal immigrants to blame things on or global warming on the cars or whatever else we think of. Back then, they blamed witches for their troubles. The History Channels (both History and History International) have been critical on showing how Ice Ages have affected history in playing the 'blame game'. From the United States drinking of hard liquor and beer to the witch trials to the weather's defeat of the vikings in Greenland. Here is the link on that....[PDF]
1 THE HISTORY CHANNEL® PRESENTS: Little Ice Age: Big Chill An ...
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTMLIn this program, The History Channel® will decipher fact. from fiction and reveal all there is to know about the Little Ice Age. Little Ice Age: Big Chill ...a614.g.akamai.net/7/614/2201/v001/aetn.download.akamai.com/2201/thc/classroom/guides/ice_age_study_guide.pdf - Similar pages - Note this

So, I hear you ask, how does lagniappe have anything to do with this? Because good weather is a gift we don't ask for but take for granted. Never take anyone or anything for granted is the message I am writing about today. We are all unique, distinctive and...well, human. Never forget, never take for granted, always see life -- with every blink of the eye -- as a gift. You don't need to hate your parents for being jerks for having you and treating you as an afterthought or a lagniappe. You need to just see them as the way you got here to life. So know that as you breathe, blink, be.....you are the gift you give yourself.