March 7, 2008

Mom-nesia and the Lasagne Effect

I was listening to a pop station this morning and heard the term "Mom-nesia" for the forgetfulness that occurs after women have children. I have lived with this for many years -- it is not a short term condition. Thank god for google because I have a fighting chance to type in a word that I remember that may be tangentially related to the nagging fact lurking in the shadows of my mind. This week's fight, for instance, was about Abraham. IDK why I was reminded of him precisely. All I know is that it had to do with picking up stakes and going to a new land. There was some really good parallel I planned to use in a blog entry. Gah.

Mom-nesia, indeed. I used to call it the lasagne pun on the many layers of the mind a parent needs to have. There is only so much storage in a brain, after all. So the way my mind stores facts is in layers. If I ping one layer with Abraham, then eventually I will remember why I wanted to use him in a blog entry. It is just a question of getting through all those other useful layers held together by that cheesey substance called the Mind.