February 6, 2008

Political Wake Up Call

This is going to be a tough election for me. My favorite, Dennis Kuchinich, bowed out of the race due to media pressure to leave. After all, when NBC changes the rules to keep you out of the debate in Los Vegas even a blind man can see the writing on the wall. And the wall says that the media is not fond of Dennis. Now the only one left standing in my belief area is Obama. I see the media starting to do the same thing to him as it did with Dennis. The pundits' mantra of the moment is Hillary, Hillary, Hillary. I am not fond of pundits. I am not fond of political slaughter house chutes that force voters to make limited choices. There is death on both sides--Republican and Democrat because the voters are not being allowed free choice. I see Hillary winning the nomination and Senator McCain winning the election and I shudder. We need alternatives in this country to vote for. We need a change from the ground up -- starting with the 4th estate, aka news outlets. The news has snoozed these past 8 years. Frankly, the news snoozed through Clinton too except for the Monica incident. (Mind you, nobody died when Clinton lied but that's just a bumper sticker that represents my personal opinion.) That's the only positive thing about Clinton, though, I can think of. If Hillary is nominated, the entire country will lose. We don't need another dose of NAFTA endgame - Bill Clinton's maneuverings to achieve passage of ...
NAFTA endgame - Bill Clintons maneuverings to achieve passage of NAFTA in the House of Representatives from National Review in News provided free by ..... We certainly don't need more Whitewater boxes lost in her living room for 4 more years. We just don't. We have more important issues. To quote an old Clinton war cry, "It's the economy, stupid!" And sadly, the Clintons brought us NAFTA and outsourcing which has ruined the U.S. economy.

So, no, we don't need to hear all the arguments against Bill again from the sore losers of the failed impeachment proceedings. Those fights are over and done and yet... With Hillary in the game, they will come back to life. If only because the newscasters who snooze can just dust off their old columns and old opinions and not wake up.

We need to wake up.

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