February 16, 2008

Itches I Can't Scratch

You know the ones--that inaccessible part of your back between your shoulders 2 inches below your shoulder blades. I have mental itches I cannot reach either until out of sheer stubborness I distort myself into position to scratch them. One of those itches was getting a chance to ask a serious question to a commentator on C-Span. Ok, one scratch down. Another scratch is taking the time to take myself seriously. Still working on that. The trick is to expect respect from others instead of puppy like hoping for a scratch behind the ears and mistaking that for respect. I am not tripping myself up on that as much but ... There are always boors who punch that button. Ah, well, if wishes were fishes my cats would eat free. I suspect lots of us work for the attention of others -- negative or positive. So I will continue on my stubborn way -- actively working on not letting my buttons get pushed by folks who don't deserve my ability to distract myself. That's a worthy itch to reach. Until then, peace now, folks.