January 31, 2008

Mess of Pottage

I am writing today about the stimulus package which really needs to be renamed because it reminds me too much of the K-Y Intimate Lotion ads on the TV these days. And folks, there are not enough bottles of lotion to help the economic package go on smoothly. Even worse it reminds me of the tale of Esau and his brother Jacob. For those who need serious refreshing on the saga, here is link to what I am going to discuss. http://www.aboutbibleprophecy.com/p98.htm For the others, here is a shorter version. Two brothers (twins), one father, one mother (who thought she couldn't have children), one bowl of pottage (bean stew). Esau, the older brother loved to hunt. Jacob, the younger brother, was a farmer. Jacob came home hungry one day and bugged Esau for his bowl of stew (aka pottage). Jacob tricked Esau into giving up his birthright (father's blessing) for the food. In giving up his birthright, Esau (the older brother), fades back into history. In taking his older brother's birthright, Jacob (the younger brother) marches into history to eventually become Israel. All brought about by a mess of pottage. And the situation is analogous even more when the Government chooses to sell our debt to foreign nations. It is chilling. Our birthright sold to finance a war many of us no longer agree with. A war many of us believe was started under false pretenses. The proposed stimulus (see KY Intimate Lotion) package is another mess of pottage. If the government were serious about helping us, it would say we didn't need to file our taxes this year. Not give us measley $500.00 checks which get used in one weekend with a family of four. Not sell off Treasury Bonds to pay for these checks. Not, not, not. Here in lies the crux of the story. In giving up long term rights to gain short term satisfaction we all lose our birthrights as Americans.

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