January 30, 2008

Just Stop the World, I want to Get Off

Where to Stop
Stop listening to C-Span. Stop listening to Fox News. Stop listening to NPR News. Stop, stop, stop. We are rife with negativity. No surprise we are a nation addicted to helping other nations fight wars that never should have been started. We are so busy pointing at how awful other countries are, we have lost sight that we are certainly no better and in many ways worse because we will not look at the facts on the ground. Fact one...unemployment is low. Truth suffers on this one. Unemployment is low for two reasons -- the number of young people in the military on this bogus extension of the 9/11 war and the people who have been out of work are not counted after a certain amount of time goes by. And the facts could go on from there. Unfortunately there is not enough time in the day to list all of the bogus things passing as truth when a harried person looks at them quickly. An unblinking assessment of what we are doing to ourselves as a nation, to our citizens, to our wanna-bee citizens, to our souls is what is needed in this hyper-heated atmosphere. Global warming? Hah, it has hit critical mass here in the U.S. and no one is paying attention. The political melt down will be something DHS won't be able to REAL ID or deal with.

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