July 11, 2007

Things Home Depot Can't Sell

For those of us who are homesick for homes that no longer exist, pictures often fill up the psychic gaps inside. Here is the view from the Toledo, Ohio webcam for NOAA: ftp://ftp.glerl.noaa.gov/realtime/tol2/tol2-1.jpg from NOAA shows Lake Erie. Bliss. I suspect it will change often however just like real life does. I am homesick for many reasons. A displaced person. An adult making my own home. I just never realized how invested I was in the day-to-day solid sameness of a place until years after I moved from the family home and from the town I grew up in. I find I am wistful now for what never was treasured while I had it. Joni Mitchell was so right in her 1975 song called the Big Yellow Taxi but which I always called "They Paved Paradise". http://artists.letssingit.com/joni-mitchell-big-yellow-taxi-tsgr9wh

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