July 9, 2007

Less Is More (LIM)

I watched a show yesterday that has made me realize my weirdness is just middle of the road. The show focused on the decorating sense of home sellers and buyers. It was predicated on filming home sellers sense of style and then following up with what the home buyers did to change the home to suit their style. In doing so, the show opened my eyes to just how ordinary (whew) I truly am. One seller lived in a beautifully proportioned but tiny home. She and her husband had decorated the house to resemble the hobbit homes in the Lord of the Ring saga. Much as I am a sucker for historic and fantasy recreations, this alternate reality lifestyle is not appealing to me in interior design. She and her husband sold this house it to a new home buyer who forgot to get a home inspection first so she would know what kind of trouble she was getting into. She really should have shelled out the bucks for the home inspection because when she took possession there was nothing in the house she could use. The ceiling dripped dead squirrels and maggots. The floors, the ceilings, the walls, the wiring, the wood stove, the fixtures were not up to code and rotting from termite infestations. Only a hanging lamp in the kitchen could be saved. That's it. Nothing else. The buyer shelled out far more money and needed family loans and will be digging out of debt for a long time. By the end of the program, the buyer had a beautiful house and a bunch of resentments toward the sellers. Ah, the stuff of reality programming. Even while she drips resentments, at least her ceilings no longer leak dead squirrels and maggots. Yaow..... Less is more. Less stuff, less creative view of decorating, Less...Truly...Is...More. And that is such a good lesson for me to see on TV and know how well it applies for me as well. LIM for now

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