June 8, 2007

Human Humor vs. Cat Humor

Daniel Tosh was on Comedy Central recently. God, he is funny. Quote: "I hear voices. But they are in Spanish so I don't understand a word they are saying." That just tickles me silly. Or the one about getting only one tattoo that says: "I am Stupid." so that in ten years when you wonder why you got a tattoo all you have to do it read it to yourself. Now that makes me laugh.

My cats' idea of humor is when they ease into the Whole Foods paper bag. It is a long process for them. They sniff suspiciously, they put in a paw, they take out a paw, they do the hokey pokey look-see to make sure no other cat is around to laugh at them and then they go into the bag. What's funny is when there is already a cat in residence and they try to do this. H

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