June 6, 2007

Gene Testing

Move over, cloning. Here is another medical breakthrough to worry about. It was posted today on BBC World. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/6727043.stm

The link lists various medical conditions that are genetic in origin. What jumped out at me was the implicit statement that now that we understand genetics we can cure/eradicate/deal with the diseases that genetics can address. That worries me. A lot. How do we judge who is too genetically flawed, when do we test for that, what happens if ??? And a lot of other questions. I have a personal interest in this because I am a survivor of a plot by my first mother-in-law who wanted me to be sterilized albeit she was careful to say it was in my best interest. So I believe this "understanding" is a slippery slope we go down as a society when we believe that we can control disease by controlling the lives of people. A very slippery slope.

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