June 22, 2007

Cattitude and Cats

Cattitude. I have a cat that has too much cattitude. If he were a lion, he would be beating everyone else up. As it is, my big Maine Coon pacifist cat has a huge scratch on his muzzle from their latest encounter this morning. Ouch. So my first thing of the morning was get out the neosporin, treat the wound, close the cattitude cat in a separate room that has all the facilities he needs for the day, leave the other cats running around the house, and then call the vet to let her know what is going on. Thank god for my vet who was (a) yes, probably a dominance fight, (b) a little too soon to start worrying about drugging the cattitude cat, and (c) see how bad that cut is on the Maine Coon and be ready to bring him (all 17 pounds of him) for OUCH stitches. Meanwhile, my vet has noted it in the file. So I have done all I can for the moment and hopefully it will be enough.....

Until then peace

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