May 4, 2007

Fear is not Good Policy for Countries

What constitutes a terrorist? The Irgun terrorized everyone in Palestine but protected and revenged themselves on attacks on the Jewish settlers. The Indians in the French and Indian War were considered bad news. But were they really? Weren't they actually aligning themselves with the French who promised them autonomy and control of their own lands? So my question today is this: Is Iran the terrorist state? Or are we as Americans terrorists for attacking sovereign countries by libeling them first and then building up a bogus case against them. We did it in Iraq. We are doing it again in this fakey lead up to attacking Iran. Don't get me wrong. I am a patriot. I belong to the DAR, the Dames of the Magna Charter, a member of the Scottish Clan MacGregor, a descendant of Civil War veterans on both sides, my dad was a Marine in WWII. So, I care. My great uncle was Senator from Ohio during the Vietnam Era and voted against the Gulf of Tonkien Agreement which allocated a surge in our involvement on the Vietnamese Peninsula back in 1965. The United States is an army now--not a country. And the public is watching American Idol instead of what is happening. As Americans we need to watch American Idol less and politics more. We need to change that equation of building the stock market by having wars. We need to change it Soon. Peace Please.

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