May 2, 2007


We have such high standards these days for jobs. Have you noticed? Even petsitters need to have certificates. When did this happen? Did I miss the memo? I just think we are collectively missing the boat here. Certificates don't always confer immediate knowledge or make me feel any safer. SOLs don't make our kids smarter. Commerce Department Certificates of hauntings don't make the Whaley House more haunted. Just certified. And we cut back on certificates that count. Like making sure slaughter house inspectors have enough money to certify all the slaughter houses. Like making sure pet food manufacturers use only certified ingredients that won't kill our pets. Like making sure we really are on the way out of the woods. Sheesh, folks, we need to get real. Paper trails don't always lead us out of the woods. Now bread crumbs? They just might. Yours in thought...

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