May 14, 2007

Snails as ... Revelation

Anne Morrow Lindberg's book "A Gift from the Sea" was one of the first steps I took on my path into the spirit. She writes eloquently of the passages of a woman's life from chamber to chamber of a Chambered Nautilus. It is a beautiful image that I only dimly understood as a teenager. So peaceful.
Thinking on it now I am in my 50s I find it even more beautiful. Each of the stages I have grown through -- teenager, 20 something, 30 something, 40 something and now here. And even though the Chambered Nautilus is not a snail I like to think it is because no matter how many chambers the animal has, it still has to haul it around. After all, I am still hauling my own shell down the road. So, Snail on, dudes.

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