May 7, 2007

Ok, I'm Late in Reading Salon but ...

This article has a very cogent point I have felt for a long time. Nixon and Agnew are reincarnated in Bush and Cheney. Felt it in my bones but couldn't articulate any better than this 2004 Salon article. There is a movement to replace Cheney with Olympia Snow as Vice President to improve Republican chances in 2006. I doubt a year would be enough time to accomplish this but it is an appealing notion. If Bush were as embarrassed by Cheney as Nixon was by Agnew perhaps it would work. After all, Nixon kept saying how he was 110% behind Agnew up until the time he ditched him for Gerry Ford. So why not Olympia Snow? After all, Gerald Ford was a remarkable politician and a comfort to the country after Nixon's resignation. The only thing Gerry had to do to get the job was promise immunity to Nixon after Watergate. So, who knows..... Until the US regains its saniety, Peace Please.

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