May 9, 2007

Musing on the National Guard and Tornados
There are no coincidences in my life on line. I was getting ready to write about my perception that deploying state national guard units outside of the United States is illegal. And in checking through my facts on whether it is actually illegal or not I ran into this article about the reaction to last weekends' tornados through Kansas. I can only reflect as well on the fact that Katrina showed this deplorable theft of our states' reserves first. We couldn't respond faster locally because no one was home to respond. I am just sure as I can be that this deployment of troops is wrong. One wonders whether Bush would have served in Vietnam if his unit? in Texas had been called up the way he is calling up our states' units now. These policies are short-sighted in the best of worlds and if they aren't illegal today, somebody in Congress needs to get a bill onto the Floor to make them illegal. Somebody needs to do that today!!! For more reading (albeit biased) here is a link to CodePink. And final link for this article, folks, here is an article discussing the legality (hah) of deploying these troops in the first place.

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