May 17, 2007

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Accept everybody as an expression of the One. It is not your place to judge.The card in the Lesson position represents the personal investment or sacrifice required to derive full benefit from your current situation. When the Ace of Cups is in this position, you are called upon to reject the dominant self-centered worldview. Learn to see every person you meet as an opportunity for connection. Notice the qualities that have triggered feelings of separateness, judgments, aversion, and resistance in you before. You are challenged to see these as your own projections, and to forgive them in yourself as well as others. This will energize mutual support and cooperation towards the greater good. Sacrifice that part of yourself that wants to be superior. All souls are equally flawed and equally beautiful. Let go of perfectionism. Unconditional acceptance and focusing on the good is how we mend the psychic, spiritual and emotional web of family and culture.

This is so true.

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