April 13, 2007

Slang and Imus

Slang and the downfall of Don Imus. Love him or hate him, Don Imus represents all that is crude in today's society. He says what other people think and like the little kid who said the Emperor had no clothes, he gets away with it. But the downfall was what I rail against daily, viz, the coarsening of daily discourse. What am I talking about? I mean conversation has sunk to such a level that my kids call their friends "ho"s and think nothing of it. Personally, the "ho" word offends me deeply and that's just when I hear my kids use it. For a public figure to use it to describe a girls' basketball team not only insults the players but every woman every where. Not only young girls like the basketball players, but women every age. For shame, Don, for shame. A glib mouth and being allowed to get away with verbal assaults has finally bitten you back.

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