April 4, 2007

The Obvious and The Invisible

We are all creatures of habit and I am no exception. That got pointed out to me early today as I attempted yet again to get the security card to operate the elevator. This time I decided to take issue with the fact that the elevator was misbehaving and went to the Director of Mechanical Items (not his real title). He was a very nice fellow and wanted to borrow my key card to see if it was working. I asked to go along with him so I could observe exactly what he did when he used the card. And, tada, he held it differently than I do. When I hold the card just like he does, it works. When I hold the card my way -- it doesn't work. Weird but true. So now I hold the card the way he did and it works for me too.

Habit is a funny thing. Things we all do habitually become Unconscious and Invisible. It is not until we mindfully attend to the details of life that difficult situations get resolved.