April 11, 2007

Journeys' End

The end to life's journey is usually in a cemetery. Being an amalgam, I am not at all sure where I will be comfortable. Cre-mains, re-mains, cemeteries - jewish or public, buddhist collumbariums, no clue. So today the first step on that journey meant picking up the phone to find out whether I would qualify for a cemetery near me that is old and downtown and quaint. And then I found a website called www.GraveSolutions.com which gives prices for graves. And thought of the phrase: Birth to Berth.

Berth — Infoplease.com
He has tumbled into a nice berth. A nice situation or fortune. The place in which a ship is anchored is called its berth, and the sailors call it a good or bad berth as they think it favourable or otherwise. The space also allotted to a seaman for his hammock is called his berth. (Norman, berth, a cradle.) Dictionary of Phrase and Fable , E. Cobham Brewer, 1894 .

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