April 3, 2007

Great Expectations

I am disappointed in my generation and the one just before me. In many ways we have served ourselves first rather than served society. I say this not because we don't deserve the social services or the other things we have come to believe are our rights. I say this because we have inflated society the same way many of us inflated our lungs with illegal substances back when we were in college. Bill Clinton says he never inhaled but plenty of others did. We are all hooked on the highs in life -- higher salaries, better houses, bigger Mercedes, better colleges and so on and so forth.

Maybe life has always been this way. After all, King David was never satisfied. He and Bathsheba certainly created many waves -- and not all of them in that fabled bathtub. So perhaps this sorry old world is in fact just exactly the way it is supposed to be and I just never paid attention before. Sigh.