March 25, 2007


Numbers are very important in life. Two hands, two feet and so on. Today, number is three. Three pops up for me because the 3 Hs in life hit me hard if I ignore them. Head, Heart and Hands. Getting those working in unison under stress is a project for a orchestral conductor. Leonard Bernstein, where are you?

So how well do I work under stress? It depends on how often I pray or meditate, how often I read, how often I watch the critters around me and how often I release my creative muse and write or draw. It is no secret that I love comparing words that sound the same.

So my words for today are prey or pray just like the cat at the top. Praying gets me above my problem long enough to look at whether I will become prey to it or not. The more detached I am, the clearer my thinking becomes and the less likely my emotions will jump me like a lion on lunch. Crunch!

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