March 27, 2007

Robin Hood: Dead Line word for the night

BBC America's Robin Hood is a terrific show with a completely new interpretation of the tale. Funny, irreverent, timely and as timeless as ever. Love, loyalty, loss and language like "deadline." BBC - Nottingham - Robin Hood
(Mil.) a line drawn within or around a military prison, to cross which involves for a prisoner the penalty of being instantly shot.

The link above is to the word of the night and reminds me that sometimes seasons and the holidays that celebrate them are like deadlines around the soul. Seasons and celebrations mark new beginnings or times to let go. Passover -- new beginnings. Funerals --Times to let go. Lines, deadlines, lines in the sand, lights in the soul. How to explain to my soul that the death this year was a planned one, a scheduled one, a reasoned one? There is no way to explain that. Not on my level. Cherubim might understand it. But I only know that the arms of the angels encircle us at all times and when I am sad like this I need to hold those arms tightly so I don't fall off into the dark. Amen and Amen and may we all know peace.

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