March 10, 2007

Rescue as a way of life

In rescuing others, I rescue myself. In keeping balanced between emotional extremes, I stay awake to possibilities for me to take today. I try to stay balanced by leading a life that is "stripped down." I don't own a fancy car, a fancy house, a fancy way of life. What I need is what I have, I am content. Or at least, that's how it is supposed to work for me. I am still working, however, on not taking the judgments of others personally. "Stripped down lives" in this current consumer driven world tend to get belittled by others. So, staying centered between wanting to be content and wanting others to be content with me, is all about the quality of my acceptance of their attitude but not letting their attitude define who I am. Or as I see in the Latin Quips Book: "Esse quam videri bonus malebat" or "He preferred being a good man to looking like one" by Sallust, in Bellum Catilinae, LIV

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