March 29, 2007

Homeland (ha) Security

Life in America is supposed to be safe. That's why we have this so-called Department of Homeland Security. So how come none of the Homeland Security types feel uneasy about U.S. business outsourcing critical information about citizens' own financial affairs? For instance, my child's stock account at Mellon Bank is a victim of this outsourcing. When I called recently to find out how to change the way the account reads now that my daughter is over the age of a custodial account I discovered I was talking to someone from the Philippines. How do I know? Because I asked. And the answer gave me chills.

But my questions for today are many. I perceive a clear and present danger to the survival of the United States with the accelerating offshore and outsourcing being done. For instance, how on earth can we address Homeland (ha) Security (a clear oxymoron) if our businesses choose to send personal financial information off shore? How can we say we are safe?

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