March 25, 2007


Echo is such great word. I believe we hear silent echos throughout our entire lives. Physical as well as emotional ones. Echos of praise, of disapproval, of sadness. Echos that tempt us to stay lost (like Narcissus -- see any book on mythology) inside ourselves and forget to reach out to the world of reality. When I separated from my husband to live on my own for the first time of my life at 53, my sister was so very supportive of me. My sister's husband died recently and I find myself hearing echos of my own losses. So how to help others without doing it for my own self-aggrandizement? It takes a great deal of thought -- am I doing this to look good or am I doing this to actually help -- for no gain at all. Hint: The last answer is correct. It is when I scrape away these cobwebs of old hurts to focus on another's pain that I know I am doing the right thing.

And, as I reach out, I heal myself. So in researching resources for widows here is what I found today...
It is probably not good right now but possibly may be useful in the future.


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